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Welcome to the hottest and newest trends in Korean Beauty Aesthetic – Clinic Rx. Clinic Rx, where a calm and comfortable aesthetic experience awaits you. Borne out a desire to make beauty more accessible, our aesthetic physicians and aestheticians make your safety and beauty are our top priority.

We specialize in performing the latest aesthetic techniques and procedures practiced by our Founder. He has over 20years of experience and is an expert in this field, specializing in advancements of using aesthetic technology and equipment.

Clinic Rx is built in 5 stars guest facilities, and plush individual treatment rooms. The clinic is fully outfitted with top-of-the-line beauty equipment using only the newest cutting-edge Korean technology.

Experience the Art of Aesthetic Transformation at Clinic Rx

Clinic RX deliver the best result with the latest medical knowledge and advanced technology.

Aesthetic is the special medical area which provides such medical practices. Withal, it is also important to offer a proper customer service in the aesthetic field.

We should not make everyone has the same outcome, but customizes the procedure in consideration of a patient’s condition.

We utilize the clinic to offer more professional and convenient care for patients. It enables patients to experience one-stop aesthetic-care.


Welcome to Clinic Rx.

Here is our reception and waiting area.


I am eternity thankful that I had the opportunity to have treatment at Clinic Rx.
Thanks to the doctors and teams , I have confidence to do anything I desire.

Kelly Kang


Swelling and awkwardness after treatment is one of the elements that make you reluctant to have aesthetic procedure.
Nevertheless , we are helping you a fast recovery and return to normal daily life by system used aftercare programme by our professional therabeautist.


Many people complaint that attitude of clinics is different with before and after treatment.
We believe postoperative care of the treatment is important. We would listen to every minor complaint of our patients after treatment and attempt to meet the needs of patients so that every patient will be relieved at Clinic Rx .

As creditors not to be achieved over a night, we would demonstrate our promise to every patient with practice .


I am in love with the side line and feeling great and happy every time I look into a mirror without going under surgery .Going forward , I can tie my hair confidently and wear beautiful hairbands .

Rachel Ng

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Whatsapp us!